Saturday, August 7, 2010

Update on Ladybird!

Ladybird's adopters recently sent an update on this sweet girl! Read on:

We have discovered that she LOVES the water. I was taking her for a walk on a particularly hot afternoon so I thought I'd take her down to the river in the park in Dover. She proceeded to walk into the water until it was half-way up her legs and just layed down! Then she swam out a bit further and started dunking her head in the water, blowing water out her nose. She did this for about 10 minutes while I just watched and laughed. I had never seen another dog do this before; it was truly precious. Since then, I have been sure to bring her to the river often and have ventured to Rye beach and Wagon Hill Farm/Great Bay Estaury several times.

She is doing very well on our walks. She has gotten better with bicycles and motorcycles, only barking occasionally when they are close up. She still barks and becomes a bit agitated around other dogs, but we're working on it. The vet suggested I bring treats on our walks, getting her to sit before the dogs come upon us and distracting her with petting and treats. So far it has only minor success, but were optimistic that she can learn to behave better around other dogs when on the leash. She's great with children, sitting docily while they pet and prod her, all the while wagging her tail.

Overall, Ladybird seems to have settled into her new environment and is very happy, always with the tail wag. She has even become her cuddle-bug self with us. Her favorite spot is at my feet with her chin resting on me. She also has claimed her role as co-pilot illustrated by the picture. We love her dearly, and are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to give her a forever home. She is a truly wonderful dog with an amazing personality.