Thursday, October 28, 2010

Updates on TWO more very Lucky Pups!

We recently received a very nice update from Sally and Peter, who adopted Angel in January 2009. Then, their daughter adopted Lexi in February 2010. Angel is the brown and white dog and Lexi is the black and white dog playing with her.

Here is what Peter had to say about Angel and Lexi:

"Sorry to have taken so long to report in on Angel, but I've been trying to get a decent picture of her playing with Lexi. They hit it off just great. This is the best I could do. Lexi outweighs Angel by about ten pounds, but Angel is faster. Angel shows no effects of the heartworm problem of last winter. Can't thank you enough for the help. Angel wants to send a little donation to help some other dogs that have to go through what she did. Through that whole time she was awfully good.

The little ragmop on the chaise is Ricky. He's a two year old Shih Tzu that my other son adopted from the Animal Refuge League in Westbrook. He holds his own quite well with the other two. It was really a riot all summer watching Angel, after running around and heating up, just stop and walk down the pool steps, swim in about a six or seven foot circle and come out and start running again. Lexi and Ricky aren't quite into the pool thing like Angel is. If someone takes them in, they don't panic though. They just swim to the steps and get out. Now that school is open, Lexi doesn't get here as much as she did during the summer. They have a great time together though.

Lexi is doing very well also. Both of them just love everybody they meet. Angel has been an angel since day one. She gets a little talkative when she wants someone to play with her, but that's to be expected. Of course she spends her nights on our bed -- usually under the covers. She usually goes out about 7:00, and then heads in to bed. Most of the time she's the last one out of bed in the morning too. Spoiled rotten, but worth it.

Thanks again for a great dog.

Sally and Peter

Thanks for the update on these two (and lucky Ricky too!)

And yet ANOTHER update on one of Kaleigh's pups!

This is handsome "Tipu". Here is what his wonderful adopters had to say:

"We have Tipu (aka Kevin). He is growing into a wonderful boy. He has completed obedience training and will be starting advanced class this Fall. He is very shy, so he goes to dog daycare two days a week for a few hours for the socialization. He doesn't stay still very much either. Tipu is always on the go and his favorite activity is playing with his new baby sister Gracie. He loves to play with her and he is so gentle and loving. He is a very sensitive dog. We love him so much and so glad that Mom has a great home. I have attached a picture of Tipu."

Thank you for sharing Tipu's life and sharing this update with us!

Photos from the Adoption Event at Petsmart!

On October 23, Lucky Pup Rescue was at Petsmart in Augusta.

Lacy the Lab mix and Chance the Husky mix were there and met lots of great folks!

Our table had a lot of people stopping and talking and the dogs being there were the reason!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

LPR Alumni visited us at Tender Touch

We were so thrilled to see Atlas (now Cooper), Aries and Sage at Tender Touch. Thanks to their adoptive families for bringing them by. The "happy tails" are what keep us going, and knowing we have to assure happy endings for as many as we can.

Thank you Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital!

We recently spent the day at Tender Touch Veterinary in Scarborough for a Rescue Appreciation Day. It was a blast to visit with the other rescues and vendors and see some alumni dogs of ours as well as talk to new prospective adopters and fosters. First, our adoptable cuties - Chance, Dolly, Keisha, Chester and Skylar and Madison came to visit!

Chance is the gorgeous husky mix watching the agility dogs.

Chester is the tiny cutie in the red collar.

Dolly is in the pink "adopt me" bandana.

Keisha is the beautiful shepherd sitting for a treat.

The last picture is Skylar in the agility tunnel coming to her foster dad Tito.