Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update on Cookie the Beagle (now Lily)!!

Lily, formerly "Cookie" - adopted May 2011
Lily is a perfect fit for us, so gentle and such a sweet dog. We have been working with her to sit when asked and shake paws. We have even had some success with staying until called -  she is very smart.

She and our cat Bell are getting along very well, which was exactly what we had hoped for.

Lily has been a wonderful addition to our family, and we all love her very much.

Thank you all so much for the amazing work you do.

Update on Bruin, Formerly Rex

Rex (on the left) was adopted in June 2011
"Bruin is such a joy to have in our house! He was shy when we first got him, but our shepherd has really helped him come out of his shell. She has also taught him that car rides are a good thing! The more he came out of his shell the more energy he had. He makes me laugh every day with his crazy antics! He loves his walks around the neighborhood or any trail we can find plus trips to the dog park. We brought him to dog training and he passed with flying colors. The trainer called him the life of the party! Thank you so much to everyone at Lucky pup Rescue - we really love Bruin."

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Heartwarming Update

What a smile!
  Lamar was adopted February 2010.

Lamar and his family are special to us because they took on a senior pit bull with medical issues – he came to us scarred and stiff from joint pain and has done AMAZING. We are thrilled to have given him a chance at a real life!  Thank you so much for adopting this beautiful boy!

Lamar, A.K.A. "Big" as the family sometimes calls him, is doing great. He is settled into living in a house very well.  Our family and everyone that meets Lamar absolutely falls in love with him! We have people all the time that ask to watch him if we go away. We even get our friends asking if they can walk him! Lamar’s favorite activity is still walking in the woods. He turns into a puppy every time! He also loves to give chase to the occasional squirrel or chipmunk. He loves car rides and going on the boat - really anything that involves people. We taught him how to swim this summer and he was nervous at first but now he loves to go in the water, especially to cool off. His weight is up to 72.5 pounds, which our doctor says is just about right. His joints still bother him a bit, especially at night after a long day outside or a long walk. He still takes a few pills in the morning for his joints and pain. Other than that, his health is great, they say. His coat has become very soft and shiny and the scars and bare skin on his elbows and knees have almost filled in with fur. He is getting better about getting his nails done too.

It is too bad about all the negativity surrounding pit bulls...I wish "they" could meet Lamar. People are always blown away by his personality and loveliness towards people and other animals.

November 2011