Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here is the poster for why we do rescue

Is this not the best picture? Eileen was playing with two of the pug puppies and she was so sweet and gentle. All of these dogs that arrived yesterday would have been euthanized if we couldn't take them into rescue. Fourteen families would not be gaining a new best pal, and we would lose out on moments like this....
The eye behind the lens this time was Sarah, a budding teenage photographer with an eye for sweet moments. Let us take a minute and thank our fabulous photographers - -- Laura, Emily and Sarah capture moments like this for us, foster parents help by getting pictures of their charges, adopters keep us updated on our alumni dogs with new pics, and the sending rescues sometimes drive miles to get pictures for us to post on our site - we LOVE all of you - it's not easy to keep these babes still sometimes, and much less ask them to pose in a heartwarming photo that will show what a great dog is available!

Trevor and Sasha ~so beautiful~

How about that beautiful brindle coat on Sasha?!She was happy to see her new dad- she's a sweet young cattle dog mix, and Trevor is a great-looking but skinny black lab boy. He was ready to party when he got off the transport and will be a fun guy!

Dude and Dalton arrived safely also!

Dude and Dalton are two young guys who were so bouncy and happy to be here. Dude is the tan lab/hound dog mix and Dalton is the gorgeous furry shepherd guy. Dalton is available for adoption and will make a great family pet!

Carly and Ollie

These two sweeties also arrived yesterday......Carly is the beautiful black lab mix and Ollie is a handsome almost-white cattle dog - looks like maybe some shepherd mixed in there too - very sweet, both of them!

New Sweeties arrive in Maine

Beautiful pug mix puppies entertained us all with their wrinkly faces and feisty personalities. The funniest thing was that the only dog they didn't bark at was Alice, who looks like she could be their mom! Joanne, Janet and Jessi are sweet things getting ready to go to their forever families!

One more from the walk!

Cutie-pie Savannah (on the left) is doing fantastic in her new home - she even plays fetch while off-leash, and she runs with her new mom and dad! What a lucky pup! Her new family is perfect for her and we are so happy for her!
Sky (on the right) is a husky with gorgeous eyes and fur, and her new mom and dad are perfect for her too - ready-made playmates are available for her because she lives at PetWorks of Maine now - a doggy day-care!
Hooray for two beautiful girls!

More Pet and People Pics!

Meeka is getting so big! His family thinks he is the best! We are so happy for this Lucky Pup! He is living proof that they can overcome rough beginnings and become terrific family dogs!

.....and Opey (on the right)! He and Barney are the last two of the weimeraner/pointer puppies that are available. He was so sweet and full of puppy-sniffing energy - SUCH a love!