Saturday, July 16, 2011

Please Help Beautiful Ben!

Ben is a lovely boy who was a family dog until he was diagnosed with demodectic mange and needs a few months of treatments. His family couldn't afford the $400 monthly cost, and they were forced to surrender him so he could be treated. We took him into rescue when the local shelter's only option was to put him down because they couldn't afford it either.

With YOUR help, we'll be able to get him completely cured and on his way to the forever home that's waiting out there for him somewhere.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hershey the Caribbean Dog!

Adorable Hershey was adopted in December 2008.  He was saved at the last minute from a certain death as the shelter he was in would not pay for his surgery.  He was a senior dog, you see.  He is cherished by his wonderful adopter and living quite an amazing and envious life in the Islands.  Way to go, Hershey!

"Hershey and I are still very happy living in St. John in the Virgin Islands and making the best of his Caribbean Retirement. His favorite activities are riding in the car, napping on the sailboat, and playing fetch with tennis balls and his other island dog friends! He gets to play in warm weather all year long which is great for his aging bones and muscles. This year we celebrate our 4th year together and Hershey's 13th birthday!"

Thank you to all of our wonderful adopters - without you stories like these would not be possible!

Sunny's Happy Ending!

Handsome Sunny was adopted in March 2008:

"He is such a wonderful little dog. Love him to pieces....he's very healthy and loving and oh, so smart."

Shadow's Adoption Update

Shadow was adopted in February 2009.  His human brother has a disability and is becoming a rescuer in training himself!  

Bodhi's Happy Ending!

Beautiful Bodhi

He had decided that he is a small dog!
"The light of our lives.  Right now, he is at the groomers getting made gorgeous.  He is very intelligent, and knows more words than any dog I have ever had.  He even knows "lipstick" and gets very excited when I say I am going to put on
lipstick, because he thinks then he gets a ride in the car!  He has been a part of our home since April 2008 and has enriched our lives with love and laughter."

Loki's Happy Tail

Loki (formerly Maddox, sibling to Mason and Madison) - adopted April 2009:

"Maddox, or Loki as we call him, is doing great.  He is the calmest and smartest dog.  He loves the kids and keeps us all busy with walks and outdoor play, his favorites.  In the daytime, he usually lounges around with me (mom) and rests until the boys come home (17 and 14 years old) to play with him... Most days he has a morning run/romp with our neighbor's dog.  At night, he follows my husband around for a night walk about the neighborhood.  That is our usual routine!  Loki gets a lot of yard play and we have woods all around our house so he gets to go in them when the boys are home.  The rest of the time he stays indoors or in our yard.  He has trained well and just hangs out watching the neighbors, kids and other dogs go by.  He has been a great joy in our family."

Carly the Flying Dog!

Gorgeous Carly was adopted July 2008:

"Carly is doing great! She is having a busy summer jumping off docks, going about 8 feet out before hitting the water. It is quite impressive. Carly has here own Facebook page and is friends with Lucky Pup. She has a lot of pictures on there."

Sophie and Gus- Lucky Pup Happy Tail

"Here's a picture of our TWO lucky pups!

Sophie (white) was adopted in October of 2008 at age approx. 6 months & Gus (black) was adopted in November of 2009, also at about 6 months of age.

After an adjustment period, Sophie and Gus became inseparable, as you can see. We love them both so much and will always be grateful to Lucky Pup Rescue for bringing them into our lives. We're all healthy and happy and living in Maine."

Jovi's Photo Op in New Hampshire!

Jovi (formerly Jill) was adopted in November 2008:

"Jovi is an amazing addition to our family...she and the cat have even become friends to some degree.

She loves to cuddle on the couch and play frisbee. We take her for daily walks, which are good for everyone's soul. She loves the hose in the summer and amuses us as well as her friends at Doggie Daycare. She gets all excited when I tell her she's going to Doggie Daycare...she loves socializing with other dogs and really enjoys the exercise.

Here is a picture of her during a recent hike on Blue Job mountain in NH."

Theo's Happy Tail

Theo was adopted in September 2008:

"He is doing great and staying very healthy. Turned out to be quite the energetic dog and he keeps us laughing every day!"

Divine Delilah!

Delilah was adopted in March 2008 (previously known as Betsy):

"She is terrific! I call her my plus-size model…She loves to eat and loves to death “Baxter” the border collie - and loves her life!"

Beautiful Bob

Bob was adopted in March 2008:

"Bob is doing really well! Loves to eat (especially the cat food) and gets along very well with my kids.  During this summer he will stay outside on our porch (as seen in the picture) and just relax. He is a very good dog!"

Denali, Adopted in June 2008!

 Denali, formerly Arthur:

"Denali is doing great! His personality is really showing now. When we first got him he never wagged his tail much and it makes me so happy to see that he does now much of the time. We couldn't be happier with him! He is such a great addition to our family."

Kiefer - All Grown Up

Kiefer with his sister, Maggie

Kiefer as a pup in 2008

Kiefer has grown into a beautiful adult dog.  He is 72 pounds now!  He was adopted in May 2008:

"Kiefer is doing great! He is our precious little man and we enjoyed him so much that we went out and got another addition for the family. We adopted Maggie, a half chihuahua half mini-pinscher, and they have gotten along famously. He's 72 pounds and she's only 8, but boy do they love to rumble and tumble. It's absolutely adorable. He's such a good boy that he's a pushover, and she is so energetic that she ends up picking on him. She'll grab him by the ear and try to get him to play. He'll ignore her until it's obvious she won't leave him alone and they he'll get up and they will chase each other around the house.

Kiefer just has his check up and he is in great health. We can't believe how lucky we got by adopting him. He's just so well behaved and can be such a cuddle bug when he wants to."


Matt and Peter