Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year from Bree!

Update on Bree (formerly Alyssa),
"Bree is recovering nicely from her heart-worm treatment at the beginning of the month. She has been a really good girl and Santa brought her a new collar (her favorite color - purple), a fuzzy blanket (which she loves to snuggle on), and some new squeaky toys (boy doesn't she love to squeak them!!). She goes back to the vet on Thursday for her follow-up visit and we are very hopeful that she will get a clean bill of health - so she can go running through the snow as she loves to do!
Of course throughout her recovery she has NOT been spoiled at all -- not too much!! She is the very much the princess of the house."

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Satchel, one of Mandy's Pups!

We are fortunate to have had so many wonderful updates! This handsome fella is Satchel. He was originally adopted as Mickey back in July 2009. He was one of the M pups. Mom Mandy was heartworm positive but is now healthy and doing great! As you can see, Satchel is a happy little guy, getting to dig in the dirt and get belly rubs too! Looks like he is a great addition to their other dogs, Harley and Rose.

"Satchel is the perfect dog. I know everyone says that about their dogs, but EVERYONE says that about Satchel! He is a total cuddle-bum, which I guess he got from his mom. The minute anyone sits on the sofa he's right there beside them. He is such a sweet-tempered dog, with excellent manners. I wish I could take the credit for that, but he came to us that way, so I think the credit goes to Mandy."

Rocky Finnegan O'Connor the Wonder Dog!

Carter and the rest of the "C" puppies were with our rescue in the summer of 2009, and Carter was adopted in July 2009.

Hi All,

Just wanted to pass on some recent pictures of Chloe's baby, Carter, now known as Rocky Finnegan O'Connor the Wonder Dog!! Enjoy and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

Peace, Nancy O'Connor and boyz

Monday, December 27, 2010

Captain Jack Sparrow!

Lucky Pup alumni go on to lead very interesting lives! Last week it was a tractor-driving dog and now we have Jack. He was formerly named Drew - one of the "Red Sox" pups! He looks like he is a pretty good captain. What a hoot!

"Hi there!

Hope this e-mail finds everyone in good health and merry spirits!

We had a DNA test done on Jack - just cause we're so curious! The result was
surprising - we thought for sure he is mostly Border Collie but that didn't even
show up.

Rather he is a mix of Australian cattle Dog / Belgian Malinois mix / Miniature

Thought it might be fun for Jack's siblings owner to know this too.

And see attached picture of Jack driving the car :)

Thank you/Tess + family with Captain Jack Sparrow!"

Bear Enjoying his first Maine Winter!

Bear, previously Comet, was adopted in May 2010. He is loving his first winter in Maine! Here is what his family has to say:

"Bear is doing very well. Loves the cold temps and the snow.
Tried to get a pic of him playing in the snow but he would not sit still
long enough. We had some gifts of treats and toys for him and it did not
take him long to figure out how to unwrap them once he got the hang of it.
Problem is from now on he is going to think all wrapped gifts must be his.
He loves Maine and his new home.

Have a great holiday season."
Dennis and Elaine Gosselin

Update on Cutie Pie Chester!

Chester was recently adopted and his new family is thrilled!

As you can see, his new dad seems quite smitten, and it seems like Chester feels the same! He is doing great in his new digs. Apparently, he loves to go out in the snow and sniff all over the trail!

Thank you Debbie and Charlie!