Friday, January 9, 2009

Beautiful Girls!

How about these beauties? Amber, Sienna, Indigo and Violet (we call them the Crayon Sisters!) were found in an abandoned house on Christmas Eve. They were starving and very scared. They are starting to come out of their shell but desperately need to go to a home environment where they can get much-needed consistency in meals, affection, and socialization. They can, of course, be split up - how would you pick? Beautiful, all of them!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

One more success story for today!

After adopting out our 200th dog this week, it has been very special to reflect over the past year. Pictured here is Memphis (formerly, Marty the shepherd pup who came up with his siblings Muddles, Melvin, Mickey, etc) with his furry sister. Memphis is on the right. His mom says," I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how happy we are with our adoption of Memphis! After lots of trust building and time, Memphis' personality has changed soooo much! No longer does he wait anxiously at his dinner spot and gobble up every last morsel, he lays across the room now and watches everything going on and takes his time getting to his food and often leaves some to go back to later. He has made quite a few doggie friends too. He is no longer fearful of every noise or dog while walking nicely on his leash. He has become the best running partner I could ask for! Ever so curious about the cats, he has now been known to share his sleeping spot with one of our kitties! He has a 'job' every morning, and comes with me to jump on the kids and wake them up for school. He thinks this is the best, and the kids anxiously await his pounce in the morning, they will stay in bed just to get their usual 'Memphis wake up'! Our golden, Molly, has been adjusting to his playful nature and has taught him quite a few things about being a good dog! He is very attached to her and she is enjoying the canine company! Thank-you so much for doing what you do! Thank-you for giving our dog a chance for a better life! We love him and we're glad he's home!

Sincerely, Kim, Drew, Russ, Elly and Andi "

Another Happy Tail ; 0 )

Look at beautiful Tilly! She came from Georgia requiring some socialization and T.L.C. She is now queen of the mountain! Her mom says: "She is quite an amazing dog. I totally love her and she makes me laugh quite frequently. Tilly is a wonderful dog and I thank you all for the good work you do in saving these animals. In the past year Tilly has had a number of adventures from 10 mile hikes along the coast in Cutler to Saddleback mountain. I have a condo at Saddleback and she frequently visits there. During the week you'll find her at the horse barn following the horses on trail rides and playing with up to 4-6 dogs running and walking in the field. She has discovered the manure pile. She also has an apartment in Portland and is quite the greeter to others on the street. She is an angel from God. Everyone she meets loves her. She has been great with kids and other animals. She definitely has her favorite couch at her home in Yarmouth. She loves the snow and is very playful in it. She is so adaptable to her environment. Well I could go on and on about her but just so you know she is living the good life. She does find her way on my bed and performs her perfected seal dive in it for some good petting. Happy New year to you all. I just love this picture of her. Taken on her hike on Saddleback mountain. Peace, Jen"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Forever Families!

Just since Christmas, we've been able to say good-bye to Sunshine, Twinkle, Emma, Sully 2, Bessie, Bailey, Tabitha, Hershey, Clyde, Raz, Bobby, Winkie, Jesse, Duke and Jeremy as they start their new lives in families who will show them what forever love is all about! Thank you to everyone who had a part in their care, transportation, financial support and for loving them enough to take a chance on them!

Here is a picture of Bonnie (now Melody) with her new mom Erin. We think she is one lucky pup! If you adopted a Lucky Pup Rescue sweetie, please send along pics and we'll post them up also!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Next step of their journey!

Lady and Tramp are going to be OK! Our hearts were breaking for these sweethearts when we couldn't get them out of the cramped cages at the vet's office in Arkansas. One of our favorite families, Deb and Steve, along with their 6 fur babies, decided to take a chance on them. After picking them up at the transport in New Hampshire this weekend, they made the long journey back to northern Vermont and their wonderful home with acres of running room. Now Lady and Tramp don't know what to do with all this space and their instant family! Check out beautiful pics of them playing! Tramp is the lighter brown and is SO skinny, in need of some great meals! Lady is darker brown and so beautiful. With some time, love and patience these honeys will be ready for their forever homes soon. Read what Deb has to say about them, ""Good news! Lady and Tramp are NOT shy! They slept almost the whole way home, only standing up 2 or 3 times to touch our hand and go back and lay down. All went great meeting our dogs. Lady was a bit defensive at first but she settled down quite nicely. I had them on leashes sitting on dog beds beside me last night by the tv. This morning both dogs have almost learned how to use the dog door and have freely used the back yard and area off the dog door. The two of them are having a few dominance issues between them which could be the stress they are under, but I'll monitor it closely. There haven't been any problems with our dogs regarding dominance. I just came in from our second time running around in the back yard. We have about an acre fenced, with woods and a teeny, frozen over frog pond, so there is plenty of interesting stuff. Both Lady and Tramp are real runners, especially Lady, and Thomas and Gus give the both of them a run for their money. Gus and Thomas really like Lady. They are loose on the main floor of the house with me and already this morning are needing less supervision (I can see them most of them and hear them ALL the time). I think all they need are groceries and rules. They are both really friendly and curious. Today, we start some clicker training. I'll teach them their names and basic commands while they are here. They are already learning to wait at an open door instead of running out. They are both eating really well. Both dogs are really interested in people and respond really well. I think it's whippet in them instead of greyhound, that's just my thought. Tramp is SO small and light checking out his frame. Anyhow, they are both going to really make nice pets. "