Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Markus - Why We Do Rescue

Markus was skin and bones when rescued.

Markus has filled out nicely in the loving care of his wonderful foster.

Beautiful Markus at his photo session.
Just in case anyone ever asks you why we do rescue, take a peek at these photos. The first picture is Markus when he came to us seven weeks ago - emaciated, sad but tail wagging.  The second picture is what his body looks like now.  The third picture is what his happy face and sleek coat looked like for his "glamour shots" with Joanne Lee.

We are so thankful for his amazing foster family, his savior ACO Kathy and all the folks who have supported Markus along the way.

Thank you all! A family is meeting Markus shortly so just maybe his "happy ending" is close at hand!

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