Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cori's Happy Ending

Cori - adopted November 2009

Zoey and Cori

I’m glad to tell you what a real joy she is. She is a silly, often quirky, girl, but also very obedient. She and Zoey are truly the best of friends and play together every day – sometimes just for a few minutes, sometimes all day.

Cori sometimes thinks that she needs to “protect” Zoey from the other dogs at day care – which is pretty funny since Cori weighs in at about 32 pounds and Zoey is somewhere just shy of 70 pounds and is quite capable of taking care of herself!  Our only issue with our typically sweet girl is that she has some difficulty with protecting our home from guests. I have hope though – one of the people that’s helped Lucky Pup with fundraisers is the pet psychic, Sara Moore; she did private “readings” with both Zoey and Cori last spring. She is AMAZING – and came up with some things that she could not have known – kind of spooky, actually. Our biggest issue at the time was that Cori was habitually eating rocks – once badly enough that surgical intervention was required (thank goodness for pet insurance!). We asked Sara to “tell” Cori that she had to stop with the rock eating – and I swear to God, since that day she hasn’t even gone near any “edible” rocks – truly an amazing feat! So, I’m hoping to hook up with Sara again soon and see what she might be able to “tell” Cori about people that we invite into our home – mostly the guys that come here.

She has really improved with her acceptance of our 2 cats – they now allow her to sniff them and she’s finally gotten the message that cats are NOT for chasing around the house.  She’s a really smart dog, so I have confidence that with some work, we can get her to at least be accepting of the people that visit us. The bottom line is that Cori does belong on the “happy tails” page; since 95% of the time it’s just us here at home, she’s a real sweet-pea and we are totally in love with her, and my husband and I are both really happy that we adopted her.

~Karen and Rick, February 2012.

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