Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mighty Moe - not so "Mighty" now!

Mighty Moe's "Before" Picture
Mighty Moe's story shows how rescue can transform a dog's life - to know that he is now living a fit and healthy life makes us so very grateful for all of the folks who made this possible, from his rescuers, fosters and other volunteers, and his adopters.  THANK YOU!!!

"Mighty Moe is doing REALLY WONDERFUL!!! He is such a great dog! Its kind of hard to tell in the attached picture but Moe is down to 78lbs! He has lost 30 pounds since coming to Maine. What a difference it has made in him - he runs all the time now.

He really loves my 7 year-old daughter (we think he is most attached to her).  He plays with her outside and is so excited when she comes near him!

He is trying all sorts of "new" experiences - some with better luck than others. He went out on our boat a few times this summer and that took some getting used to, but we think he will do better now that he has lost weight.

We are working on socializing him around people and other dogs - he is absolutely terrified of small dogs and does okay around medium sized dogs, though he doesn't really know how to play- but he is learning (my sister has 2 Labrador pups that he visits with).

He really is a wonderful dog.  We've added to his name and now is is" Mighty Moejo Master" or "Moejo" for short.

I think he is finally comfortable that this is a truly safe place for him to relax, and most evenings that is precisely what he does next to us on the couch!

We can't thank your organization enough for giving us our Mighty Moejo; he is a special part of our family and we look forward to many good experiences with him!"

Moe's Sleek New Physique!

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Crystal Goodrich said...

He looks amazing! I need that diet! You have added years to his life and life to his years, you should be very proud!